Web automation made awesome!

Helium makes it easy to create web test and automation scripts





What is Helium?

Helium is a tool for testing websites and automating browsers. It offers simple commands such as start_chrome, click and write. You use these commands just like you would when giving instructions to someone looking over their shoulder at a screen - the only difference is that you type them. Once you have entered a few commands, you can save them to a file that can be played back at the click of a button, at a specified interval or from within a build/test management tool. This makes you more productive and lets you do something more meaningful or enjoyable with your time.


Helium offers the easiest commands of any web automation tool out there. It does not require knowing the HTML source code of a web page.
A new user of Helium should be able to automate a first web page within 20 minutes of downloading Helium.
Helium does not require installation and is not bloated with unnecessary features. Its scripts are easy to deploy.
For advanced users, Helium can be used as a Python or Java library. It integrates with the Selenium framework for fast and stable test execution across browsers.

Brooks DuBois

I really do like Helium A LOT. I was able to reduce about a hundred lines of code to about 10. This is the REAL deal.

Brooks DuBois, QualiTest Group