Unlike other browsers supported by Helium, Internet Explorer sometimes requires manual configuration to set up. This page lists the known situations where this is the case.

Internet Explorer 11

Helium uses Selenium's InternetExplorerDriver to drive IE. Unfortunately, Microsoft has not yet made IE 11 fully compatible with this driver. As a result, you may sometimes get exceptions with the following message when starting IE via Helium:

Unable to get browser

To work around this problem, you need to apply a registry key. Please right-click on one of the two links below (depending on your version of Windows) and select Save as... to pick a download location:

Then, apply the registry patch by double-clicking on it and confirming. This should resolve unsupported issues with IE 11.

(Source: https://code.google.com/p/selenium/issues/detail?id=6511)

Another, more recent problem is caused by Windows update KB3025390, which was released by Microsoft in December 2014. This update breaks Selenium's support for Internet Explorer 11. You may find a workaround in the Selenium issue on the subject. If not, the only way we know of to get IE 11 to work again is to uninstall this update from the Windows Update management panel. This problem may also result in the InvalidSelectorException described below.

Protected mode settings

If you get an exception similar to the following when starting Internet Explorer from Helium:

WebDriverException: Error launching IE: Protected Mode settings
are not the same for all zones. Please follow these steps:

Then you need to update IE's security settings. To do this, select "Internet options" from the Tools menu (or the gear icon in the toolbar in later versions). Open the Security tab. At the bottom of the dialog for each of the zones ("Internet", "Local intranet", "Trusted sites" and "Restricted sites"), you should see a check box labeled "Enable Protected Mode". Set the value of the check box to the same value, either checked or unchecked, for each zone. In the following screenshots, the check box has been unchecked for all zones. Click on the images to enlarge:

Protected Mode settings for zone 'Internet'
Protected Mode settings for zone 'Local intranet'
Protected Mode settings for zone 'Trusted sites'
Protected Mode settings for zone 'Restricted sites'

(Source: http://jimevansmusic.blogspot.com)

Running local HTML pages

If you run local HTML pages (ie. HTML files residing on your harddisk) with Helium in IE, you may see a popup saying "Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls":

Internet Explorer restricted this webpage from running scripts or ActiveX controls

You may also get an error similar to the following when trying to use Helium with IE:

selenium.common.exceptions.InvalidSelectorException: Message:
u"The xpath expression '[...]' cannot be evaluated or does
notresult in a WebElement"

To fix this, please go to "Internet options" in the Tools menu (or the gear icon in newer versions). Open the Advanced tab. Scroll down to "Security" and select "Allow active content to run in files on My Computer". Here is a screenshot for reference (click to enlarge):

Allow active content in IE to run local HTML files

If the error persists and you are running Internet Explorer 11, then it is likely that it is Windows update KB3025390 which is causing the issue. Please see above for more information.