Licensing Helium

Please choose from the available options

1-year License

  • License for 1 year for one user
  • Free updates and maintenance included

only €249 per license

Perpetual License

  • Perpetual license for one user
  • 1 year Maintenance and updates included

only €379 per license

Academic Licenses for students & teachers available upon request. Please read the License Agreement.

What happens after one year in case of the 1-year License?

After one year, if you wish to continue using Helium, you will have the option to renew your license. We offer 50% or 25% discounts (from the base price) if renewal is purchased respectively within 12 or 18 months from the date of initial purchase.

What is a license "for one user"?

A license for one user allows you to install Helium on one computer (either physical or virtual machine) at any one time.

Which services constitute "maintenance"?

Maintenance means that we assist you via email in ensuring that Helium can be run on your computers. It does not include help with custom automation scripts.

Which / how many licenses do I need for virtual machines?

Each virtual machine running Helium counts as one user. So, if you deploy Helium into two virtual machines, then you need two 1-year or Perpetual Licenses.

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